Friday 1 June 2012

A very crafty weekend at Te Papa

This blog comes to you live from Te Papa, Wellington where Handmade 2012 is taking place. I'm sitting in the very social Knit Lounge on level three where lots of women get to know each other better as they knit and share project ideas and stories. And to my amazement, the biggest pair of knitting needles I have ever seen (almost the same height as me!) are available for anyone to come and have a go. Now there is a challenge for the little ones!

Craft classes are taking place simultaneously. One room had lots of sewing machines being used with material being flung about and eager eyes taking in all the presenter was saying. Just before, an architect student commented on the lecture presentation this morning by Lucy Arnold from Felt, who talked about her ideas for craft in post-earthquakes Christchurch. Katy McRae commented that she enjoyed giving a workshop earlier today on 'Fabulous Felt Birds' and I hear that in the Princess Catherine Middleton era, workshops in lace making are pretty popular too.

Your Home & Garden are in support with a special subscription deal for HANDMADE 2012 attendees - if anyone wants to know how to make a beautiful paper pom poms this is THE place to be! They are busy showing people how to create beautiful pom poms from coloured tissue paper (very handy for special occassions) and I've watched grandparents and their grandchildren pop along to their busy table.Pink is still the most magical colour for little girls...

Tomorrow promises to be equally full of exciting classes. I'm fascinated by the 'Turkish Marbling Paper' and 'Bottle Cap Pin Cushion' workshops.

Must go now as about to deliver our presentation on The Role of Handmade Craft in the 21st Century.

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