Tuesday 15 May 2012

Learn a craft at HANDMADE 2012

Queens Birthday weekend in Wellington sees the return of HANDMADE, a festival celebrating beautiful and creative things. It is the place for people who want to learn the skills and crafts of previous generations but in today's context, using modern technology and style. Even if you have never taken a craft class before - this is an event where you can try something new and different - and what a great way to spend a winter weekend!

The 2012 programme features 80 different activities across a variety of crafts taught by passionate teachers from throughout New Zealand who are keen to demonstrate their skills, and help you create a beautiful craft object. There are three types of classes:

1. Workshops: hands-on classes that give you the opportunity to learn under the guidance of our teachers and to complete the object you are making, so that you learn the complete process.

2. Making Masterclasses: a new addition to the HANDMADE 2012 programme, these masterclasses are workshops for those of you who have experience in a particular craft and want to further your skills by learning from the best. Masterclasses are presentations from well-known and highly-regarded experts in their field, and most include demonstrations of craft. Masterclass presentations give you the opportunity to watch and learn, with helpful tips along the way.

3. Lecture Series: educational seminars offering an opportunity to explore craft and beautiful handmade things in a different way. Speakers from various areas will provide new and interesting insights in these 50 minute presentations, including Craft Aotearoa. Join us for an exploration of Handmade New Zealand craft in the 21st Century on Saturday afternoon and also the Wellington launch of our national craft research project.

Each of the classes fall under one of the following categories: Remade, Taste, Yarn, Homework, Heirloom, Stitch, Free Range, and World.

More information including how to purchase tickets can be found at HANDMADE 2012.

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