Tuesday 29 November 2011

Wellington Craft

I remember Wellington over a decade ago when it became known for being that little bit quirky, individual, and creative. There were plenty of  policy analysts, press secretaries, IT people and other government staff milling around but there were also plenty of creative people looking to collaborate, come up with new ideas, push creative boundaries, think up new shows and events, and put on different kinds of exhibitions. Living in Wellington was like living in a creative bubble - and 15 years on it appears that is still the case with lots of creative networks, events and groups populating the city.

Little wonder then, that craft is flourishing in Wellington and that it will host two new major craft events in 2012: Jemposium from 10-13 February (with support from Creative New Zealand), and HANDMADE 2012 from 2-3 June. Add to this the highly anticipated Craft 2.0 events throughout the year, a range of high quality craft exhibitions held by various galleries and museums, a hungry public that likes to dress individually and buy original gifts and the captial may just be a craft practitioner's dream city.

Craft Aotearoa is visiting Wellington on December 9th and 10th and will be meeting with a range of craft organisations and practitioners. We'd love to uncover all the craft activities, groups, events and practitioners in Wellington, Hutt and Porirua. We're keen to expand our database, to uncover any burning issues, to find out your views on New Zealand craft, and to tell your stories. Feel free to email jenna-lea.philpott@craftaotearoa.org.nz or post a comment to this blog. We would also love to know your preference when it comes to showing and selling your craft. Every vote counts in our online poll!

Watch this space for future Wellington craft stories and in the meantime, check out new retailer Made.it at 103 Victoria Street, who stock high quality handmade goods, predominantly made in and around Wellington.

Craft Aotearoa also recommends visiting Pataka to view Folk Tales I'll Never Write: Woodcuts by Grant Tilly  and the Dowse to view Gordon Crook's tapestries, and Bedazzled, an exhibition featuring beautifully crafted Royal New Zealand Ballet costumes designed by Kristian Fredrikson.

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